MARCH 2023 EVENTS

    Presently there are NO activities or events scheduled for the month of February. Please check this web site throughout the month for updates.


I thank each and everyone of you for tuning in to my live FACEBOOK  video session known as Ingrid’s Inspiration on Tuesday mornings at  9 :00 A.M. Your love and support is greatly appreciated..  I’m hoping that my messages  will be encouraging as we move  through the day to day  experiences we  face in life.  Haven’t tuned in yet? No worries check out my next session you don’t want to miss it! All comments are welcomed after each session.


You may ALWAYS purchase autographed copies of my books from me by calling or texting me at (504) 273-9959. You may also e-mail me at or you may order on line at  the following web sites:,  barnes & and I am also available for presentations and other events/activities upon request.


Want to  become a part of my Poetry Fellowship with the Southern Christian Writers Guild? Our group The monthly  meetings are scheduled for the THIRD Saturday of every month from the month of January -October  at 10:30 A.M.- 12:30 P.M. This month’s meeting date is March 18, 2023.  You may participate via Zoom or you may choose to participate in person at the GOSPEL BOOK STORE located at 91 West Bank Expressway, Gretna, La  70053 (504) 362-7770. Please contact Teena Meyers at (504) 939-7330 if you are interested in participating via ZOOM for further instructions.


This group meets EVERY SECOND SATURDAY of EVERY month at 2 :00 P.M. The chair person is Ms. Phyllis Parun. You may contact her for further details at (504) 505-6320 or visit her  web site at :


The  Algiers Writing Group has been on HOLD since the pandemic, however, the group will become ACTIVE again very soon.  Please check this web site for future updates . You may contact Mr. Ray Russell at (504) 799-7404 for more information.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

As always thank you for your continued support!

                                                                       WRITINGLY YOURS,

                                  INGRID                              GREEN                                   ADAMS

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